All Results Based on Water Viscosity.

Engine Cooling


This close coupled style bronze self-priming centrifugal pump is equipped with high quality ball bearings permanently filled with grease for maintenance free operation.  The main shaft seal is a mechanical face type seal of proven reliability.  Unlike positive displacement pumps centrifugal pumps have larger internal clearances as the pressure is generated by centrifugal force and high liquid velocity.  These pumps can handle impurities in the liquid and the flow in the discharge line may be throttled... Go


These Flexible Impeller pumps are made of high quality bronze of maximum corrosion resistance. All shafts consist of stainless steel grade 303.  Top of the line models have ball bearings and mechanical seals while others have bronze or carbon bearings and lip type seals.  Impellers are made of Neoprene Rubber. Nitrile impellers are available as an option.  Flexible blades on the periphery of the impeller provide the pumping action.  While the impeller rotates the liquid between the blades is continuously... Go